Description: Your story can take place anytime and anywhere on earth, but it must contain a solar eclipse (the moon obscuring the sun).

Entries: 45
The Last Few Minutes of SunlightSteve DexheimerFirst Place 
Staring At The SunCaroline CoxonSecond Place 
The Deplorable WordMicah RickeThird Place 
FlareRod ThompsonHonorable Mention 
FreerMJ HermannyHonorable Mention 
Apollo's Eyes PuzzlerKyle Patrick Johnson 
Arctic MoonshineTim Aucoin 
Baby BlueMichael Cornetto 
Brian Butterworth's BedroomSally Meyer 
Captain SunJoe Belzberg 
CATastrophePaul Jaworsky 
Eclipse of the ArtistPhilip Whitcroft 
Engagement Ring lost in a Blue-Black SkyLeigh Smith 
Eye of the DragonSuzanne Smith 
Farewell, AndrĂ©William Flink 
FeatherAudrey Webb 
For ClosureKevin Carty 
Four EclipsesJoel Davis 
Ghost DanceFaith Friese Nelson 
GravityJohn Ward 
Harvest MoonStephen Brown 
In the Path of TotalitySylvia Dahlby 
Incident on a Dark StreetMartin Jensen 
It's TimeJeannie Sconzo 
Let It BurnWes Worthing 
Lucky DaysBrian Wind 
Madam EclipseGarrett Box 
Prism's GodsendStan Tjaden 
Remember the BeautyNicholas Ziolkowski 
Reset ButtonPeter Tolosa 
ScarecrowChris Keaton 
Soul MusicJonah Yarden 
Stars and GLARSScott Merrow 
Sweety SmilesPaul Young 
Thank You Dr BElias Farnum 
The Blood-DaemonsMitch Underhill 
The DealerLee Janetzki 
The FlantElisabeth Dubois 
The Pony CollectorJason Ho 
The Pool CouncilMichael Hoffman 
The Sounds AboveAndrew Echevarria 
Total eclipse of the son.Christopher Castle 
Total Eclipse of the SunTom Peterson 
When darkness comesDamien Deefholts 
When the Sun marries the MoonLaureen Muller 
Results are listed in alphabetical order by title (except for first, second, and third place).