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Title DateContestTypePlace 
Ace of SpadesFeb. 2010Ace, Baby, Honey, Jack, & SpikeShortFirst Place 
Bird in HandNov. 2007A Christmas PresentShortThird Place 
Don't Let Her SeeSep. 2009Deadly is the FemaleShortFirst Place 
Duck You!Dec. 2008It's Better to Give than to ReceiveShort 
EldoradoMay. 2008Poetic LicenseShortHonorable Mention 
Fear Is The KeyJun. 2007A Tree Falls in the WoodsShortSecond Place 
I Wish I Had a Fourth WishMar. 2010It's AliveShortSecond Place 
Invalid DirectiveAug. 2008SciFi Here and NowShortFirst Place 
Memores ActiJul. 2008INT. ATTIC - DAYShortFirst Place 
NeonOct. 2008ChemistryShortHonorable Mention 
NumbersJul. 2010White OutShortFirst Place 
Sex Doll 7.0Feb. 2008Sex SellsShortFirst Place 
Side EffectsJul. 2007PhobicShortSecond Place 
Sunrise SiegeApr. 2008The Sound of SilenceShortFirst Place 
Test SubjectAug. 2007FlashbackShortSecond Place 
Test SubjectNov. 2010Short FilmFilmHonorable Mention 
The Black Rose GardenMar. 2008TeenagersShortFirst Place 
The ColdJun. 2008Family FilmShortFirst Place 
The Non VoyantMay. 2010A Thousand WordsShortHonorable Mention 
The QuestionMay. 2007It's Not as Bad as It LooksShort 
The Rose, The Butterfly & The DolphinSep. 2008Scene in ReverseShortSecond Place 
The Tower of WishesOct. 2007Small Round ThingsShortFirst Place 
The Witch from the Stygian CovenOct. 2010Tick TockShortSecond Place 
Three of SwordsJan. 2008Reduce Speed - Action AheadShortHonorable Mention 
VanitySep. 2007One is the Loneliest NumberShort 
Why?Jun. 2010More of Less is MoreShort 
Zarek, The Great SpiritSep. 2010Monster VisionShortFirst Place 

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Title WriterContest 
A Hero's GiftPia CookA Christmas Present 
Ace No MorePaul De VrijerAce, Baby, Honey, Jack, & Spike 
Bowel SoundsRobert NewcomerMonster Vision 
BrokenChris MessineoSmall Round Things 
CandyMicah RickeTeenagers 
CrackleCaroline CoxonOne is the Loneliest Number 
Letters to PenthouseChris MessineoShort Film 
MendeleviumErich VonHeederChemistry 
Of Strings and KeysRustom IraniThe Sound of Silence 
PlaceboMartin LancasterVoices in My Head 
PlaceboMartin LancasterShort Film 
RequiemMartin LancasterIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
ReTurnersPaul De VrijerA Thousand Words 
RunawayErich VonHeederEven More of Less is More 
SpeakCharlie HebertSciFi Here and Now 
TearsErich VonHeederDeadly is the Female 
The Junk DrawerMichael CornettoSmall Round Things 
The Problem with the Ferrell BuildingKirk WhiteReduce Speed - Action Ahead 
VowsErich VonHeederScene in Reverse 
WheelDan DelgadoMore of Less is More